Public Mint date is 21.11.2022 @ 20:00 UTC

Whitelist Mint date is 20.11.2022 @ 18:00 UTC

Whitelist mint will be working in next way – any wallet that has our OG Lowbrow Marten in it will be able to mint new Infected Martens collection day earlier

Mint price:

1 Marten – 45 ADA

3 Martens – 125 ADA

5 Martens – 200 ADA

Infected Martens is our second Cardano NFT collection with a supply that decreases over time. Infected Martens will be killing off healthy Martens in this collection every 5 days. That means that the supply will start with 1110 Martens and then every 5 days few random Martens will be killed off by the disease spread from the side of Infected Martens. This way we have a supply shock mechanism implemented into the collection itself. 


To bring high quality investigative journalism into CNFT space. Our plan is as follows:

1. Launch Infected Martens

2. Launch news website for articles from CNFT space

3. Create staking pool that will provide users that stake with our token $MRTN

4. Give utility to our token via interaction with our website (commenting on articles, voting for favorite projects, proposing new interesting themes for our investigative journalist to cover professionally etc.)


Lowbrow Martens is the collection of NFTs representing the best of the lowbrow art movement – rebellious
underground evolution that just might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Our Martens have lowbrows, no bullshit policy and they always bring their own stash to the party (and our party is on Cardano blockchain).

Infected Martens are our #2 drop. They will have built in burn mechanism which works something like this. Every Marten that has more than 4 new INFECTED traits will be considered infectious and will start killing of 1 non infected Marten every 3 days. This way we plan to create decreasing supply which should increase demand as the time goes. 


From an idea to realization – meet the people behind the project.

Lowbrow Marten Golden


Founder & Developer

Lowbrow Marten PK


Co-Founder & Designer

Lowbrow Marten Domas


Discord Manager

Lowbrow Marten Siren


Marketing Expert & Community Manager

Lowbrow Marten Kivi


Marketing Expert & Copywriter


Lowbrow Marten Designer Klemens


Vedran Klemens is a well-known Croatian art veteran with almost 20 years of professional experience.

His versatile portfolio includes work for clients like Google, Coca-Cola and Stella Artois as well as personal art whose humorous and satirical character is beloved by a significant base of followers.

He received many awards for this work (including Effie, Red Dot, Art Directors Club), and some of it is a part of the permanent exhibition in the Croatian Museum of Art and Crafts.

Check out his previous work below!


Ahh sh*t, here we go again…

An NFT is a non-fungible token, meaning they are a cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. In short, they are tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other and introduce scarcity to the digital world.

Due to NFTs, people can now genuinely own digital objects. Fungibility refers to the property of an asset whose individual units are interchangeable and essentially indistinguishable from each other. Example: A dollar bill is fungible since you can replace it with any other dollar bill and the value remains the same, making it interchangeable with any other legit dollar bill.

Something that is Non-fungible such as NFT cannot be interchangeable. Example: Hypothetically if you own Lowbrow Marten #69, you would most likely be upset if it got swapped for Lowbrow Marten #6969 as the rarity and values are very different.

There ya go, boomer.

Keep an eye out on our website, Twitter & Instagram for news. Minting date to be announced soon.

The mint will be held directly here on our website.

1 Marten – 45 ADA

3 Martens – 125 ADA

5 Martens – 200 ADA

10 Martens – 350 ADA

20 Martens – 600 ADA

We chose the Cardano Blockchain because of its incredibly low cost of minting and transaction fees. Additionally, Cardano NFTs are just starting to emerge and we want to have the best community out there.

And of course, because we love daddy Charles.

Any wallet that supports native tokens – CCVault, Yoroi, AdaLite, Nami or Deadalus.

You, of course! As long as you have a Lowbrow Marten in your wallet, you can slap it on a mug, dad hat, car or even a billboard.

Only thing that you cannot do is sublicense your license to third parties. However, you can sell your Marten and the new buyer automatically becomes the license holder.